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Harney & Sons HT Chocolate Mint Tea

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Harney & Sons HT Chocolate Mint Tea is an all natural, whole-leaf, tea blend and is a popular choice for many. It is a Chinese black tea mixed with mint leaves from Oregon and chocolate.

Interesting fact:  It was a former blender that came up with idea of adding our chocolate tea with peppermint leaves, and it was a great idea. It reminds some of after-dinner mints, others of Girl Scout cookies. Please let us know what it reminds you of.

Product Contains:  -  20 silken sachets

Base  -  Chinese black tea whole-leaf tea

Aroma  -  A fresh minty aroma and chocolate

Caffeine Level  -  Caffeinated

Body  -  Medium body

Flavors  -  Pure refreshing peppermint, chocolate and vanilla flavours

Brewing Time  -  4-5 minutes

Brewing Temperature  -  212° F

Harney & Sons HT Chocolate Mint Tea