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Matcha Powder

Matcha is a traditional Japanese green tea powder produced by stone-milling a shade-grown green tea called Tencha into a fine powder. It has a rich cultural tradition as the tea prepared and revered during chanoyu–the mindful, artistic, Zen-inspired Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Tencha is harvested just one time each year between May and June and is grown exclusively to make matcha. To make Tencha, the tea plants are shaded for 3-5 weeks prior to harvest. Shading the tea plants increases chlorophyll content and enhances L-theanine and other stimulating amino acids, all of which contribute to matcha’s vivid green color, lush umami sweetness and incomparable, enlivening energy.

While common grades of Tencha are harvested by machine, the best grades with the most tender and sweetest flavor are harvested by hand. Superior quality matcha greatly depends on the tea bush cultivar, shading technique, picking standard, and milling practice used.

As well offering traditional Matcha, we also have flavoured Matchas that are made by grinding Tencha in combination with dried fruits, florals, spices and natural flavourings. 

All of our Matcha Powders come in a bulk 200 gram Vacuum Sealed bag for added freshness.

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