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The Spice Lab Classic Steakhouse Seasoning

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  • FINE STEAK SEASONING: Whether you choose a porterhouse steak, T-bone or tenderloin, this steak rub will bring out the beefy, umami flavor of your cut, leaving you with mouthwatering-meaty-grilled goodness. It makes a great gift for gourmet grillers and beginners alike.
  • MOUTHWATERING STEAK DRY RUB SEASONING: Savory with fragrant caraway, this bbq rub blend is perfect for beef: chuck steak, ribs, roasts and even ground beef. Cook on a grill or smoke for the best barbecue, or use low heat in the oven or slow cooker for tougher cuts. Add a tablespoon of this burger seasoning to a pound of beef for more flavorful burgers, meatballs and meatloaf.
  • PREMIUM ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS: This chef-crafted steak blend combines all natural crunchy Hudson Valley salt, Demerara sugar, dried garlic & onion, sweet paprika, caraway seeds, crushed red pepper and black pepper.

175 gram Shaker Jar  Gluten-Free, Non-GMO, Kosher