Organic Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea

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Organic Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea features long graceful greenish leaf and slender silver buds are hand rolled into pearls which produce a delicate, aromatic, yellow liquor and a nose that reveals the sweet complexity of jasmine blossom and spearmint. Each pearl combines two delicate leaves and an unopened bud. When added to water, the pearls majestically unfurl, releasing their delicate scent and flavor. This tea is well worth the experience.

Grown in a mountainous, fog shrouded area at the border of the Fujian and Jiangxi provinces, Dragon Pearl (often called Dragon Phoenix Pearl), gets its name from the tea bushes “climbing the hillsides like a Dragon rising from the waters”. The tea is plucked in early spring and stored until late summer when the finest night-Jasmine flowers are in bloom. The tea is then scented with the jasmine flowers over several consecutive nights.

Ingredients: Organic Tea (Camelia Sinensis)


Serving Size: 2.5g /cup                Steeping Temp: 175 to 180F°C

Origin: China                                Caffeine: Medium Light

Certification: Organic                   Grade or Quality: Leaf

Aroma: Jasmine                            Infusion Aroma: Jasmine

Infusion Color: Gold                     Infusion Strength: Medium-light

Organic Jasmine Dragon Pearls Green Tea is available in 10 gram sampler, 50 and 100 gram amounts.