Himalayan Pink Salt - Flaked Grain - 100 grams

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The delicate flaked Himalayan Pink Salt dissolves instantly, making it ideal for using as an ingredient salt, finishing salt, or incorporating into spice rubs..

Himalayan Pink Salt is a mineral-rich salt harvested from ancient sea salt deposits located deep in the Himalayas. Protected from the ages beneath the craggy mountain peaks and considered by many to be one of the purest salts on earth, this best-selling variety is renowned for its stunning color and inherent mineral content. Himalayan Pink Salt has become one of the most popular artisanal salts on the market for its straightforward, clean salt flavor and extraordinary, naturally-occurring color.

We source this quality salt from SaltWorks Inc. in Woodinville Washington. SaltWorks is America's Sea Salt Company®, the most trusted source for all-natural salts since 2001.

100 gram re-sealable pouch bag.

Kosher certified.