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Cui Mei White Tea

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Cui Mei White Tea is a white tea variety made from Bai Mu Dan of China's Fujian province. Cui Mei meaning “emerald eyebrow” in Mandarin (in a poetic sort of way, like a beautiful women’s eyebrow), is a mix of broken silver leaves, delicate slender leaves, with mesmerizing bright emerald and lighter flecked brown leaves. Processing of the tea is kept to a minimum, with the plucked leaves and buds dried and withered almost immediately after picking! 

It is a fragrant and full white tea with similarities to Bai Mu Dan, and the character of a lighter Darjeeling. The broken leaves provide a bold flavor, yet it has the classic true white tea subtly. You will enjoy the rich sweetness, and woodsy chestnut-like aroma with light floral top notes that are bold, yet balanced and beautifully unique.

Ingredients: White Tea

Cui Mei White Tea is available in 50 and 100 gram amounts as well as optional metal tins.