Organic Ceylon Rainforest Green Tea

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Organic Ceylon Rainforest Green Tea is very similar in leaf style to our classic Ceylon Forest Green, but greener in flavour and aroma. It has a full body with a lively vegetal character which tends towards a Japanese green tea but considerably more mellow and smooth with the serene and uplifting qualities of Ceylon teas. Very unique specialty green tea. Delectable, full body and complex, like a good wine.
Certified Organic by Ecocert Canada

Ingredients:  Organic Green Tea


Serving Size: 2.5g /cup

Steeping Temp: 78°C

Steeping Time: 2 mins.

Origin: Sri Lanka

Caffeine: Medium Light

Certification: Organic

Grade or Quality: Leaf

Aroma: Vegetal

Infusion Aroma: Grassy, earthy

Infusion Color: Light amber

Infusion Strength: Medium-Light

Organic Ceylon Rainforest Green Tea is available in 10 gram sampler, 50 and 100 gram amounts.