Harney & Sons HRP Tower of London Tea

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Harney & Sons HRP Tower of London Tea from the Historical Royal Palaces Collection is Chinese black tea stirred with pieces of stone dried fruit, then finished with oil of bergamot and honey flavor.

Interesting fact:  Few buildings have the history of the Tower of London. First it was a fort. Then, it became the royal prison. It has also stored the Crown Jewels. 

Product Contains:  -  30 silken sachets

Base  -  Black Tea

Aroma  -  Refreshing, with fruity and vanilla aroma and honey undertones

Caffeine Level  -  Caffeinated

Body  -  A medium to strong body

Character  -  Robust flavors similar to Earl Grey, Vanilla and Black Currant, and just a touch of honey.

Steeping Time  -  4 to 5 minutes

Brewing Temperature  -  212° F

Harney & Sons HRP Tower of London Tea