Ground Chile New Mexico Lumbre

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The Lumbre is a chile with a kick. Grown in the famed Hatch region of New Mexico, this chile rates at around 35,000 Scoville Heat Units. Lumbre means fire in Spanish and this chile lives up to the name. Capsicum annuum is the scientific name of all varieties of New Mexican chiles, the variety names simply come from the way they have been cultivated or developed to grow and taste a specific way.

The Lumbre chile is unique to one farm, and was developed by Jim Lytle and Faron Lytle, a father son team of chile farmers. The powder is ground from the reddened, dried form of the Lumbre chile.

Bacon wrapped chiles can be a good appetizer. While the bacon is still raw roll it around in Mexican oregano and chile powder mix to amp up the flavor and the spice. Wrap the bacon around the chiles and grill them for a spicy start to your evening.
Lumbre chile infused tequila, or spicy tequila, is a delicious drink that can be easily replicated at home. This is an interesting changeup to the usual drink you'll find at the bar. Add chile powder and chilled tequila to a shaker, shake it, then serve.

Hatch chile ice cream is an ice cream that is made only for a short period of time and then once it's gone, it's gone for the season. L.A. Creamery was the first to popularize this kind of treat, and recipes for it can be found all over the internet. You do not have to use fresh chiles, you can use powdered chile similarly.

Hatch chile party cheese balls, which are a soft feta cheese and diced chile pepper ball rolled in chopped pine nuts, topped with a sliver of roasted chile and then sprinkled with lumbre chile powder. This is a good way to introduce people to the world of chiles, or to pleasantly surprise the avid chile eater.

Ingredients: New Mexico Lumbre Chiles

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