Ground Chile Hatch New Mexico Green

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Green Hatch chiles are those that grow in the Hatch valley region of New Mexico. This area is the self-proclaimed chile capital of the world. Scientifically, the chiles that have been ground to produce this powder both bear the name Capsicum annuum. All the chiles grown in the Hatch New Mexico region have the same scientific name, they are just developed as different cultivars to favor specific qualities. The two different cultivars of chiles in this chile powder are New Mexico 6-4 Heritage chiles and Big Jim chiles.

Recipes that include Hatch chile powder are innumerable. Literally anything can be made better with this stuff. It gives a kick without being excruciating. People in Hatch will be the first to tell you that their chiles are the best tasting chiles in the world, even if they don't really have a different makeup from a chile grown ten miles south of the area. It is a wonderful thing to be so proud of something your town loves.

40gr. re-sealable pouch bag