Dried Chile Costeno Rojo

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Costeno Rojo, capsicum annuum, is a very hard to find chile. It is also one of the Mexican chiles that is referred to by one name when dried and another when fresh (another being the Jalapeno and Chipotle. When growing fresh, these chiles are typically referred to as "bandeno" (refers to the bank of a river) or "casero" (translates to "homemade"). This chile may also be spelled costena. Costeno chiles are one of three dried varieties of Mirasol chiles, with the other two being the better known guajillo chile and a chile known as de comida.

This versatile chile plays a starring role in salsa de chile costeno (chile costeno sauce), a fiery red salsa. The chiles are popular in the Oaxaca and Guerrero regions of Mexico, and in addition to salsa are used to add an authentic piquant "boost" to southern Mexican cooked sauces and stews.

40gr. Re-sealable Bag