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Assam Bukhial (TGFOP) Estate Black Tea

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Assam Bukhial (TGFOP) Estate Black Tea is from the best estate in Assam. The soil conditions and climate produce a mellow and malty TGFOP to be savored and contemplated.
Luxury Ingredients: Black tea.
Small Batch Blended and Packed in: Canada
Tea(s) From: India
Region(s): Assam
Antioxidant Level: Very High 
Caffeine Content: Medium
Assam Bukhial (TGFOP) Estate Black Tea is available in a 500 gram Vacuum sealed & Nitrogen flushed bag for added freshness and shelf life.

About this Tea:

Bukhial is a tea estate situated on the south side of the Brahmaputra River in the state of Assam near a remote region called Nagaland. In this area rainfall is lower which makes the bushes grow more slowly, producing an outstanding tea. This well-made orthodox leaf tea produces a strong, flavorful cup. 

You might ask - What gives Assam tea its special characteristics? The Assam valley is dominated by the Brahmaputra River - a large slowly meandering river which over millennia of fall flooding has deposited a rich loam over the valley. The soil is a deep and sandy and the region suffers a very hot and steamy monsoon season, but equally important a relatively dry and cool winter. Perfect conditions for the Assam tea bush. This area is also susceptible to earthquakes which can make the ground swallow up whole tea bushes but this does not affect the unmistakable rich taste of Bukhial TGFOP.