O Olive Oil & Vinegar

On a sunny, California day in 1995, O’s Founder did something totally original. He crushed fresh citrus with Arbequina olives and created a new twist on California olive oil. His opus – O Meyer Lemon Olive Oil – was the first of its kind and launched the O Olive Oil & Vinegar signature line of artisan crushed olive oils.

Of course, all our olive oils and vinegars are handcrafted with 100% clean, real ingredients, lots of love and a splash of fresh California attitude to make everyday food taste extraordinary!

Our olive varietals are crushed hours after being harvested from our partner family farms. This makes our olive oil the freshest available and full of beneficial polyphenols and antioxidant richness. We pioneered crushing real, clean ingredients, such as seasonal citrus and fresh herbs, together with California olives. It’s more work and expense, but totally worth it! The clean and fresh flavors are authentic and unmatched by other products.