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Not your ordinary seasoning anymore !!

Posted by George Boncheff on

How can you improve on something that's been around for thousands of years. Something so basic and vital to life as salt you might ask. Well, make way for the new rock star of culinary ingredients. It’s now available as smoked, flavour infused, fine grade, medium grade, coarse grade and of course as good old sea salt from every corner of the world. Each comes with its’ own unique characteristic and taste. Taking those plain scrambled eggs to the next level has never been easier. Just  sprinkle on some Black Truffle infused sea salt. Craving some real heat for your chicken wings. A light dusting of Ghost pepper infused sea salt is the answer. Your choices are endless.

The Kitchen Pantry is excited to bring them to you and very pleased to have partnered with two very well recognized brands from the United States.  

The first is a large supplier of gourmet salts from Woodinville Washington. The SaltWorks, also known as ‘America’s Sea Salt Company’ features an enormous lineup of high quality sea salts and specialty salts. Their website not only features products, but also contains a wealth of general information, cooking tips and a history of salt. You can visit them at:


We are also excited to offer you a very nice line of artisanal sea salts from Beyond The Shaker in Woburn Massachusetts. All of their products are carefully blended in small batches. They also have a great website:


Pythagoras could not have said it better: ' Salt is born of the purest of parents: The Sun and the Sea ' .



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